Mitchell Atkinson’s Rat City

Mitch 2 I first met Mitchell in 1996 in Athens, GA. He was one of the owners of Pain and Wonder Tattoo and I owned Little Kings Tattoo. Although we were competitors, we hit it off right away and became lifelong friends. His personality and tattoo style was infectious. Both could captivate an audience and light up any room.
Over the years we worked together on and off at different shops in Georgia. The most memorable for me was Heavenly Bound in Helen, GA. The magic of the mountains and Mitchells unique artistic vision kept me returning to the Bavarian village of Helen.
Mitch 1
Out of all the good times we shared together, hot summer days in Helen, stand out the most. I would show up to work and Mitchell would have the music on ten, Stomping his foot to Iron Maiden, and screaming that It’s shirtless saturday get your shirt off D. He loved nothing more than freaking out the customers, pushing the envelope, and seeing how much he could get away with every single day.
Mitch 4
Mitchell and his brother Watson
He will always be memorialized as the forefather of tattooing in Helen. After he past I decided to return to Helen and carry on his dream of a world-class tattoo shop in the north Georgia mountains. As long as there is a machine running and the smell of green soap I believe Mitchell’s spirit is alive and well. I am forever indebted to him for leading me here and will always honor his memory in 1920 Tattoo. With the help of my loving wife Summer and long time tattooer/best friend Mikey Slater, I will continue to represent tattooing as Mitchell would have wanted it as long as these blue ridge mountains will have me!

Lil D
mitch&lild Mitchell and Lil D

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