1920 Tattoo Commercial



We would like to thank Chad Hess Photography for helping us film and produce our new 1920 Tattoo Shop commercial. It can be seen on Visitors Information TV Channel 17 or 99 in Northeast Georgia. We would also like to thank everyone at the Visitor Information Channel for hooking it up and posting the commercial to http://www.youtube.com for us.


It took us 2 days to pull off filming this commercial. Thru late nights, early mornings, and free tattoos we made it happen. With the cooperation of old mother nature we were able to shoot a couple sunny frames in the mist of the 6 month rain storm we have been having. It was a lot of fun for Lil D and Mike Slater. Chad Hess was amazing to work with. Our creative ideas seemed to flow easily out of our minds and through his camera.  Check out some more of Chads work at http://www.chadhess.com










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