1920 Tattoo will be open 7 days a week! Welcome Alan Flores!!!

Starting Sunday August 10th 1920 Tattoo will be opening it’s doors 7 days a week. Our new hours will be Sunday-Saturday 1 to 9pm. With our expansion to the new shop we planned on adding some new artists to round out the crew. Deciding not to hire anyone who wouldn’t hold up to our standards and professionalism. Our customers mean more to us than money so we waited for the right guy and have finally found him. So please Join us in welcoming Alan Flores to the list of professional tattooers at 1920 Tattoo. Now that we have 3 artist and 2 shop helpers we can expand our hours and days of operation to better meet the demand. We are both proud and honored to be able to accomplish this goal. It’s always humbling to watch the power of walking the line!

Mr. Alan Flores

Mr. Alan Flores

Alan Flores hails from Los Angeles, California. Alan was into music and art at a young age, touring with hardcore bands and hanging out at the local tattoo shops. He got his start working the floor at Sharky’s Tattoo in Sunset Beach, CA.. After a few years he was offered a long and thorough apprenticeship under Kevin Gulley in 2008. He started tattooing in 2009 at Sharky’s tattoo. Moving on to a busier shop in 2010 Alan started working for John Montgomery at The Grand Tattoo Lodge. Were he stayed busy tattooing until 2011. In striving to become a better more consistent tattooer Alan was always looking for the next opportunity to advance his career. He left GTL and started working at the World famous Tattoo Mania in Hollywood, CA. While staying super busy tattooing at Alan began to spread his wings. Learning a bunch of new techniques which enabled him to become a more solid tattooer. With tattooing becoming more fluid for Alan he had more time to spend on his other passion painting tattoo flash. Due to personal reasons Alan again found himself on the move landing in New Hampshire at Tattoo Junkies. He soon left New Hampshire because of a job offer that he couldn’t refuse at 13 Roses Tattoo in Atlanta, GA in 2013. After working at 13 for a year and a half Alan left to come work with us at 1920 Tattoo. Traveling is one of main keys in the evolution of becoming a better more rounded tattooer. We are super stoked that those travels has led Alan to come and join our tattoo family at 1920 Tattoo.
Sample of some of Alan's tattoos.

Sample of some of Alan’s tattoos.

Mr Flores has been tattooing now for 6 years. He specializes in walk-in tattoos, and working with the customer to give them what they want. Alan is proficient at all styles of tattooing, however, he favors traditional tattoos. Over the top work ethic and drive are two of his strongest qualities. So come on down and welcome Alan to the 1920 Tattoo family. While your here get a great tattoo from an even better person!

Alan Flores Tattoo flash painting.

Alan Flores Tattoo flash painting.

Stay Classy Y’all,

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We are proud to announce our membership in the ABLH, Inc.

During or 3 years of doing business in the small picturesque town of Helen, GA. We have met several other business owners in our town. Having many conversations we soon learned that we all had common vision of an association for business leaders to get together and exchange ideas. The goal was to promote business in Helen. Therefore securing our financial futures.
It wasnt until our good buddy Cliff Steinkraus came along that anybody really had the time to make it all happen. After hearing the concerns of the local businesses Cliff jumped into action. With a lot of time and hard work he has brought us together forming the non-profit business known as the ABLH.(Association of Business Leaders of Helen) Officials were elected and we were off and running. Mikey Slater was elected a board member and Lil D an Events Board member. Making the ABLH something dear to our hearts.
The ABLH meets twice a month at the Helendorf Hotel http://www.helendorf.com who we would like to thank. The next meeting is June 24th at 5pm in the upstairs conference room.
Mikey Slater donated his time and energy to come up with a logo for the association. The ABLH determined they wanted something that told a story, was unique and hand painted. He hashed out some ideas with the director and went at it. Below is what he came up with.

Mikey Slater Artwork

Mikey Slater Artwork

The association voted it approved and decided to make t-shirts out of the design. We are super excited to have the artwork come out of 1920 Tattoo. Being members we feel that its very important to be involved.
As an association we decided to produce family friendly events to fill gaps in and around the city to promote business and tourism in Helen as well as White County. Check out our website http://www.ablh.org to learn more about our vision and overall mission.
Our first event to date will be our 4th of July celebration. We teamed up with Charles Smithgall Humane Society. Which happens to be a non-kill shelter. To hold a family fun event for all to enjoy! All the event information is on the flyer just click on the picture below.
4th of July Event Flyer

4th of July Event Flyer

1920 Tattoo is super proud to be involved. The 4th event is located in our parking so we hope to see y’all there. Bring your friends and family and help support to local non-profit organizations hoping to make a difference by supporting a positive way of life. And remember “Stay Classy Y’all”!

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Join us in welcoming Chase Fain and Chris Owens to our 1920 Family!!!

1920 Tattoo is happy to announce we now have Chase Fain and Chris Owens working for us as our shop assistants.  We have had few customers surprised to see a new faces when they walk in the door. So we wanted to write this blog to get the word out and alleviate some of the confusion. As a business grows so do the amount of employees, its only natural. It is also something that we are extremely proud of.

Chase Fain and Mikey Slater

Chase Fain and Mikey Slater

Chase Fain is a professional tattoo shop personality and licensed counselor. He has been in and around tattoo since he was a young lad. When he is not working with us at 1920 he works as a floor guy at Southern Star Tattoo in Atlanta, GA. He has several years of experience as a floor guy in some prominent shops. Currently Chase is with us on Saturday and Sunday. So join us in giving him a warm welcome when you come in our shop.

Chris Owens

Chris Owens

Chris Owens is one of the nicest guys we know. So we figured if we like him our customers would as well. When Chris isn’t busy working at Charles Smithgall Humane Society and Adoption Center he works with us on Fridays. He is also known to fill in for Chase from time to time on the weekends. So we would like to also give him a warm welcome and hope that you join us in welcoming him into our 1920 family.

At 1920 Tattoo we take pride in our staff and want to make sure that every customer is taken care of to the best of our ability. Having shop assistants makes it easier for us to handle the volume of customers we have everyday. Insuring that everyone is helped as soon as they come in the door. It is not possible for the artist to stop tattooing or drawing a tattoo every time a phone rings or a customer walks in the door. We think something as serious as a tattoo deserves the artists full attention and focus! Chase and Chris’s help allows for the best possible tattoo experience for all our customers. From people already in the chair to the looky-lou’s who just have some questions.

Thank you to all our customers who have already met and welcomed them into our shop. To all that haven’t we hope this gives you a little comfort and insight on who is greeting you when you walk in the door. We ask that you please treat them with the same respect you give your professional 1920 Tattoo artist. And remember “Stay Classy Y’all.”

Welcome to the 1920 Tattoo Family Chase and Chris!!!

Thank You,

1920 Tattoo

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Come see Pat Turner at Chattahoochee Biker Gear


Chattahoochee Biker Gear is exactly that a biker gear store… Located at 8065 S. Main St. #500 on Helen Highway. What distinguishes it from other stores is Pat and her awesome staff. As soon as you walk in you are always welcomed with a big ol smile and  someone eager to help you find what you’re looking for.  CBG has tons of merchandise to choose from. Custom t-shirts, patches, helmets, boots, leathers, jewelery, embroidery, sunglasses, military support apparel, hats, saddlebag’s, gloves, wallets, Candora leathers, do-rags, bike cleaning accessories, and whole lot more. Pat is constantly updating her inventory so there is always something new in her store. With over 4800 sq. ft there is plenty of room to shop.

CBG4.                                                                             CBG is a well established business that has been open since 2001. There website http://www.chattahoocheebikergear.com has an online store, a list of upcoming events and other pertinent information. CBG also puts on the Destination Helen ride every year which has become a huge success not only for CBG but also the local small businesses of Helen, GA and the biker community.

CBG2CBG1.   The storefront is located close to famous highway rides Dragons Tale and Russell B. Scenic Highway to name a few. Completing CBG as a destination location. Not only can you come up cruise some killer mountain roads with beautiful scenery. You can conveniently stop in along the way, have all your patches and alterations  stitched by Gloria. Say hello to the girls Chris, Kerrie and Pat. Hang out with all the other bikers in the parking lot. Talk to Randy.Meet some new people make some new friends. Get what you need and get back on the open road. One thing is for certain once you stop you will be hooked on CBG.


We are very fortunate as a business to be located next to Chattahoochee Biker Gear. Pat Turner the proprietor of CBG is an extraordinary woman and entrepreneur.  Pat’s hard work and dedication inspired us to profile her and her thriving business. We hope you enjoy this post as much as we enjoy working next to her and all the wonderful people of Chattahoochee Biker Gear. We would like to thank CBG for everything they have done to help 1920 Tattoo’s move to our new locations such an easy transition. We would like to thank them and wish them continuing success. Also, since we are located next door, we are looking forward to working with them on events in 2014. Keep an eye out and remember “Stay Classy Y’all”


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We Moved Down The Street!!


We are proud to say 1920 Tattoo has grown. Due to popular demand and a need for more space we relocated our shop to 8065 S. Main St, Helen, GA. We are fortunate to be located next to great neighbors. Chattahoochee Biker Gear, Mystics and soon to be Roadhouse 75 to the left. Subway to the right.

shop 2



In Sept 2013 we jumped into the idea of moving the shop and opened Jan 08 2014. Getting here wasn’t easy and turned out to be quite an adventure. So, we thought we would share a little of our story with y’all





Construction started with an empty space. Green Carpet and off white walls only. Contractors were hired, friends were called, and debts were collected. It was not long when we began to realize we needed more money. In order to pay our increasing debts we called our buddies at Southern Star Tattoo, Atlanta, GA. and asked to help cover shifts at their shop. Alternating weekends at SST, building the new shop and working at the original shop had us both, needless to say, a little tired. Some where in that fog we received a phone call from Josh Powell. Josh a professional basketball player who was with the New York Knicks at the time. Informed us that he and a few of his friends on the Knicks would like to get tattooed. All expenses paid and an hourly rate established we had nothing to lose. We took off to New York had one of the best trips of our lives (see our next post about the trip), fattened our pockets and returned more eager than ever to finish the new shop. Overcoming a ton of obstacles with a lot of hard work we stayed the course. Building what we think is a beautiful shop.  construction finished and inspections passed. 1920 Tattoo opened the doors Jan 08 2014.




The positive response and overwhelming exposure the shop has received is more than we could ever ask for. Making it an easy transition from old to new. None of this would be possible with out our customers and lots of hard work from friends. We would like to thank some of the people who helped to make this happen. Steve Welsh construction, White County Health Department, The City of Helen, Sammy our plumber, Chris, Bill Adcock, Pat Turner and Randy, Elmo Westmoreland, Chuck, James and Avey Pyle, Kevco and Jonah, Chris Owens, Shawn Gately, all the fella’s at Southern Star Tattoo,  New York Knicks, Trevor from Subway, and last but not least our families who made the ulimate sacrifice. To our wives we couldn’t have done it with out the strength of a strong woman by our side. We are humbled and greatful to have you all a part of the 1920 family.



So come on down and check out our new shop! Built by tattooers for tattooers. Say hello to our new shop assistant Chase Fain who is with us on the weekends. We are open 2 to 9pm Wednesday thru Saturday. 12 to 7pm on Sunday. Remember, “Stay Classy Y’all”


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Nacooche Mound

Nacooche Valley Indian Mound

Nacooche Valley Indian Mound

Everyday we drive past the Nacoochee Indian mound on our way to work. On any given day the spirit of the valley captures your imagination with its magical and spiritual elements. The more we pass by it the more obvious it becomes on why the Native Americans choose the valley to hold their ceremonies. So naturally we decided to write our first tourism blog on this sacred geological monument.

Nacoochee Mound Sign

Nacoochee Mound Sign

According to legend the Nacoochee Indian Mound was the center of the ancient Cherokee town of Gauxule.  Originally the mound was 190 ft by 150 ft wide and  20 ft high.  The ceremonies were held on top of the mound.  In the middle of the mound burned a sacred fire unceasingly. This place was the center of an ancient town with its residences living on the flat ground surrounding it. In 1915 the mound was fully excavated by Fredrick Webb Hodge, and George H. Pepper. The excavation uncovered 75 human burials, including 56 adults, 7 adolescents, and 4 children. The burials were layered dating from different time periods. About a 3rd of the individuals were buried with artifacts, indicative of social status , including hammered copper, stone celts, conch shell beads, cups, and elaborate Mississippian culture pottery. The site was occupied most intensively during the Mississippian period from 1350 to 1600. In the 1890s Capt. Nichols removed the top 2 feet of the mound and built a locally famous gazebo that now sits upon its summit.






The history and natural beauty of this place it is easy to let your mind wander on simpler times long ago.    With Mt Yonah watching over you and the mound like a proud parent it makes for an extremely comforting and relaxing visit. Some of the best times to view the mound are in the early morning and at sunset , especially if the mountains are misty. It is most definitely a great reminder of why we love living in the beautiful north Georgia mountains. Its a great place to check out next time you’re visiting the alpine village of Helen Georgia. We love it and we know you will too!! While you’re in town stop by the shop for a visit and remember “Stay Classy Y’all”.






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Best Tattoo Shop in Atlanta!!!

SST Best in Atlanta

SST Best in Atlanta


We would like to first thank and second congratulate our buddies at Southern Star Tattoo in Atlanta, GA. They were voted the best tattoo studio in Atlanta by public voting for 2013 for Creative Loafing Magazine Best of edition.  In the past few months Lil D and Mikey Slater have been tattooing with all the fellas at SST.  Switching off on weekends to help with the overwhelming amount of business that comes with owning the title of best tattoo shop in town. It has been not only been an honor but very inspirational as well to be surrounded by some of the most innovative tattooers in the southeast. Their vast knowledge of tattooing as well as tattoo aesthetics is second to none.  If you are into collecting great tattoos that stand the test off time do yourself a favor and stop in one of their 2 locations. 736 Ponce de Leon, Atlanta, GA, 30306. 1158 Euclid Ave, Atlanta, GA, 30307.

Southern Star Tattoo

Southern Star Tattoo


SST has several Award winning tattooers at each location, Keet D’ Arms, Bill Conners, Demian Bouchon, Eric Thrice, Brian Gattis, Tim McGrath, Josh Two Times, and Andrew Patch creating a unique opportunity to be able to cover all styles of tattoo. From a small walk-ins to large custom pieces there is always an artist available to help you.  Not only are they super talented they are approachable and easy to work with.  You will understand immediately why its an honor and a pleasure for us to work there when you walk in and have the SST experience for yourself. To get tattooed by any of the artists at SST.  Stop by, call (404-810-0080 Ponce) (404-222-0767 Euclid) or go online http://www.southernstartattoo.com To find out when Lil D or Mikey  Slater will be tattooing at SST or make and appointment call (706)-878-1920, go online http://www.1920tattoo.com or facebook/1920tattoo.  Last but not least we have to thank the floor guys of SST for everything they do for us when we are down there working!  You guys rule!


Work from SST

Work from SST


We would also like to congratulate Keet D’ Arms for winning Best Tattooer of Atlanta for Creative Loafing Magazine Best Of.  Proof that hard work and a great attitude pays off!!!!

Keet D' Arms Tattooing

Keet D’ Arms Tattooing

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