We Moved Down The Street!!


We are proud to say 1920 Tattoo has grown. Due to popular demand and a need for more space we relocated our shop to 8065 S. Main St, Helen, GA. We are fortunate to be located next to great neighbors. Chattahoochee Biker Gear, Mystics and soon to be Roadhouse 75 to the left. Subway to the right.

shop 2



In Sept 2013 we jumped into the idea of moving the shop and opened Jan 08 2014. Getting here wasn’t easy and turned out to be quite an adventure. So, we thought we would share a little of our story with y’all





Construction started with an empty space. Green Carpet and off white walls only. Contractors were hired, friends were called, and debts were collected. It was not long when we began to realize we needed more money. In order to pay our increasing debts we called our buddies at Southern Star Tattoo, Atlanta, GA. and asked to help cover shifts at their shop. Alternating weekends at SST, building the new shop and working at the original shop had us both, needless to say, a little tired. Some where in that fog we received a phone call from Josh Powell. Josh a professional basketball player who was with the New York Knicks at the time. Informed us that he and a few of his friends on the Knicks would like to get tattooed. All expenses paid and an hourly rate established we had nothing to lose. We took off to New York had one of the best trips of our lives (see our next post about the trip), fattened our pockets and returned more eager than ever to finish the new shop. Overcoming a ton of obstacles with a lot of hard work we stayed the course. Building what we think is a beautiful shop.  construction finished and inspections passed. 1920 Tattoo opened the doors Jan 08 2014.




The positive response and overwhelming exposure the shop has received is more than we could ever ask for. Making it an easy transition from old to new. None of this would be possible with out our customers and lots of hard work from friends. We would like to thank some of the people who helped to make this happen. Steve Welsh construction, White County Health Department, The City of Helen, Sammy our plumber, Chris, Bill Adcock, Pat Turner and Randy, Elmo Westmoreland, Chuck, James and Avey Pyle, Kevco and Jonah, Chris Owens, Shawn Gately, all the fella’s at Southern Star Tattoo,  New York Knicks, Trevor from Subway, and last but not least our families who made the ulimate sacrifice. To our wives we couldn’t have done it with out the strength of a strong woman by our side. We are humbled and greatful to have you all a part of the 1920 family.



So come on down and check out our new shop! Built by tattooers for tattooers. Say hello to our new shop assistant Chase Fain who is with us on the weekends. We are open 2 to 9pm Wednesday thru Saturday. 12 to 7pm on Sunday. Remember, “Stay Classy Y’all”


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